Canadian content is who we are. Our news and stories secure our decent, democratic society and help us build a better country for all.

When elections roll around, politicians pay extra attention to what voters value. FRIENDS’ nonpartisan election activism makes the most of this rare opportunity, by mobilizing Canadians to put their support for Canadian journalism and storytelling on display. The more we say, “I AM CANADIAN CONTENT”, the more politicians will understand what they need to do to win our votes: restore our public broadcaster, defend Canadian journalism, and support great Canadian stories on air and online.

We’re fighting to defend Canadian culture and democracy.

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Marla Boltman, Friends' Executive Director and Spokesperson


FRIENDS is an independent, non-partisan citizens’ movement working to advance Canada’s rich culture and the healthy democracy it sustains. A strong CBC, fearless journalism, and our shared story make us who we are. That peaceful, civil engagement keeps our democracy alive. FRIENDS is a citizens’ group, not an industry group, and we are not affiliated with or funded by CBC/Radio-Canada or any other media outlet.